Live, Love, Laugh, DANCE! Die...

or is that just a lesson we arent meant to find out?

Dionell Andrid Senior|5-9-94|Hispanic|Nihongo , Espanol y English!!!|| CLASS OF 2013|single|LHS|virginia beach VA||kind|Quiet|hate school|love hanging out with my friends|love to bboy!|Religion: Christian|I need my space.

Dope Breakbeat
High School Disco (night)
Souls of Mischeif- Step to my girl
-93 to Infinity
Wait for me - Big Sean
High School Disco (night) (REPEAT)
Conflict Diamonds - Lupe Fiasco
Beggin- Madcon
Dope Breakbeat (REPEAT)
The show goes on- Lupe Fiasco
Scenario- TCQ
How to Love- Lil Wayne
Brooklyn is burning- Head Automatica
Till I collapse- Eminem
Empire state of mind- Jay Z
Otis- Jay Z
By Myself- Asher Roth
Power- Kanye West
B.O.B- Outkast
Chop Suey- System of a Down
Wu Tang Clan
Sleepyhead- Passion Pit
Otis- Jay Z (REPEAT)
Power- Kanye West (REPEAT)
High- Big Sean
BBOY- Macklemore
R.O.F.- Rage against the Machine
Loud Noises- Eminem

will update regularly...


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Twerk Miley…

Twerk Miley…

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